Cherish the "historical witnesses" Nanjing Massacre survivors only 61 people

Original title: Cherish the last 61 "historical witnesses" Yang Cuiying, Cai Lihua, Li Rufu, Chen Wenying, Yan Zhen’an old man, Jin Tong and the elderly, Ma Jiwu, Xu Jiaqing, Huang Liu’s elderly, Fu Zhansheng old man, Ma Xiuying old man . Only 2021 years, there are 11 Nanjing Massacre survivors who have been registered in the book.

At present, there are only 61 Nanjing Massacre survivors who registered in the Japanese Victim Aid Association in Nanjing, with an average age of 91 years.

Although history is painful, you must remember! Survivors passed their memory that was condensed with life to us. We have a responsibility to pass their historical memory forever and shoulder the mission of this history.

□ Our reporter Zhu Na Chen Cheng Ming, the Historical Iron Card is not going to slow down a 93-year-old man, and looks at a sculpture at the entrance to the Natural Japanese Nanjing Massacre, and the sculpture portrait. In the mother of the blood, I strongly supported the last breath to feed the baby, sitting on the side of another older child, and crying. This is a frame of screening of the Sixth Concentration of the Memorial’s "Watching Survivor" this year. The sculpture is the scene of the 93-year-old Temple and mother and young brothers. Chang Zhiliang reused the tragic memory again in the video, adding a new video information to the survivor’s testimony. In this series of micro-recorded tension, three survivors left the people. In the 1980s, my country launched the registration of Nanjing Massacre survivors. At that time, there were more than 1,000 survivors in the book; only 100 left in 2017; as of December 11, 202, only 61. Behind the number of numbers that gradually shrink, it is the disappearance of a historical witnesses. Run with time racing, leaving more precious imaging materials for survivors, for this history, such as a mountain rail, and is more embarrassed.

In 1984 and 1997, my country has conducted two large-scale censuses in Nanjing, a total of 4,128 oral information about Nanjing Massacre. Later, the Victims of the Nanjing Massacre in the Japanese invaders launched multi-wheel image shooting and continued to update the survivor image database. In particular, from May 2006, the Commemorative Memorial Memorial Memorial Memorial, which was invaded to China, established a historical database, and established a personalized file to each survivor, and the preservation of this memory is more systematic.

Guardian, all walks of life, warmth, "We are still looking for and verify that Nanjing Massacre survivors, not only speeding up the speed of their testimony, but also to increase the care of this group.

Zhang Jianjun, a memorial hall of the Nanjing Massacre, the victim of the Nanjing Massacre, said that from 2004, Nanjing began to distribute life subsidies and Spring Festival condolences, and also provided the survivor’s family to provide an appropriate aging renovation service, install indoor accessibility Handrail, gas alarm, bathroom (bedside) emergency caller, etc. On December 13, 2018, Nanjing officially implemented "Nanjing National Public Feeds Protection Regulations", clearly stipulates that the municipal and district people’s governments should survive the Nanjing Massacre Provide life help, encourage the community to care for survivors in a variety of ways, effectively solve the life difficulties of survivors. With the survivors grow, medical expenditures are the biggest problems they face, and the memorial is in 2004. Non-profit. Civil Organization-Nanjing Invading China Victim Aid Association, extensive mobilization of social power, will raise money, useful medical expenses and life subsidies outside the health insurance range of survivors, solve their illness problems. In addition to During the holiday, volunteers from the Memorial staff and the Association of Association often invite the survivors to travel with the same time.

Love is constantly passing, more and more companies and communities love people, and they have also added to the team of cares. A concern, a warm action, sent a happy guarantee for the survivors that have suffered, let them enjoy their old age. Inheritance, suffering memories will never forget the first national public festival ceremony, Xia Shuqin is a unforgettable experience of General Secretary Xi Jinping as a survivor.

"This suffering history is the memory of the nation, only remembers that it can cherish and defend the fault peace.

As a witness, you have to use personal experience to tell the world to tell the world, educate the descendants.

"General Secretary’s, is also a thing that survivors have been working hard. Over the years, survivors have visited Japan and other countries, conduct interviews, often into domestic schools, communities, etc., history, participate in patriotism education Activities. In October 2016, at the invitation of the University of Southern California, Xia Shuqin, 87-year-old Xia Shuqin, is not far away from Los Angeles, and records the Nanjing Massacre test.

"That is the second time I went to the US recorded a test, I have been to San Francisco to participate in the testimony collection in 2001; I also have to participate in the rally, even attended the court report.

Xia Shuqin said, "As long as I can walk, I can still talk, I will always talk.

"More and more survivors second generation, three generations join the memory inheritance. In 2019, the data released by the Memorial Hall shows that 399 survivors can participate in memory inheritance, survivors Ge Daolong The second son Ge Fengliang is one of these inheritors. On September 3 this year, he represents the Chinese People’s Anti-Japanese War and the 76th Anniversary Ceremony of the Chinese Anti-Farm War of the Commemorator on behalf of the father. He said that these years, the father organizes the historical materials, write I have a booklet for 190,000 characters – "Remember the history". "This book is our home. "Ge Fengliang said," I have accompanied my brother for many years to participate in various historical inheritance activities, and our future generation will continue. "As the descendants of survivors, these inheritors actively participate in various activities organized by the memorial, each can spread historical truth, calling on the people to remember the history, cherish the peace. Ma Wenqian, the fourth generation of inheritor, is the heavy Granddaughter, she listened to the person’s personal experience in the Nanjing Massacre, she took the initiative to make a volunteer to make a volunteer, "I will use the Chinese youth of the new era", "I will use the Chinese youth of the new era". " Many young people know this unforgettable history.

"Pray, the motherland is rich, and the people are well-defeated. They guard them." Thanks to the party and the government "" Cherish the current peace life "" The country is strong, our days are better than a day "" "" "" Survivor, the old people, the most often talented is these words.

There is a country. The war gave them a pain, fortunately, fortunate and their future generations can have infinite future.

The development of the country allows 1.4 billion Chinese children, including survivors, have a feeding, happiness and happiness. "Qingshui fluttering bamboo bridge, the old man exercises well, big friends can sing the ice is active, the children have gobbled. When the night road lights, the lights are beautiful and beautiful, take our face to illuminate light, take our heart Xiyangyang. "The Shu Shulan’s emoticon’s emoticon is exactly the survivors today’s peace life. Xia Shuqin in the children and grandchildren, when the weather is good, go to the downstairs event center to exercise, and watch the community children to play quickly; versatile often in the opera, painting, paper-cutting these interests, get The calm; take off the military uniform Cheng Fu Bao, the chest will never have a party member badge, like young people, learn from the Internet and social software; retirement from education and social skills to the elderly university.

These old people’s most profound experience and the greatest wish are the prosperity of the motherland and thriving. In 2015, "Nanjing Massacre Archive" was included in the World Memory Heritage List by UNESCO.

History has never been forgotten, and peace belief will not be shaken.

Take the history, facing the future, building a motherland, my generation is self-improvement.

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