Chapter nine hundred and twenty-nine Chaos and ambition

Dimoro overjoyed,Hurry up and close the net,But unexpectedly a pain in the chest and abdomen,An extremely sharp spear point came out of the chest from behind,Follow,The vitality in the body is passing frantically,Style carved from the tip of the gun,He recognized that this was the two-handed short spear that the Great Asura was famous for,Shocked and angry,Dimoro is also ruthless,The body jumped forward suddenly,Blood rush,People have escaped。
Very short time,Between the great gods and demons、Hit the dead hand continuously,It can be said that in addition to the Great Asura God,All gods and demons were hit hard,The most serious are the congenital Taoist and Shadiff,Two guys got inexplicably without a move,Lost combat effectiveness。
Congenital Daoist is not damaged because the soul,And practiced the secret method of immortality,The lost half of the head is slowly growing and healing,At this moment he is taking the opportunity to quietly withdraw from the battle group,But Shadiv is miserable,It doesn’t count if half of the body is gone,The mental damage caused by the sound wave also caused a fatal blow to him,I don’t know if the Great Asura God is intentional or unintentional,versus‘Nirvana handkerchief’Fierce battle,Two consecutive shots,One of the shots directly pierced the half-dead Shadiv into a heartbreak,A generation of gods and demons died inexplicably like this。
Congenital Taoist horror,Use both hands and feet,Crazy escape,Repeatedly suppressed by the Great Asura God Realm,He can’t urge escape,Tengyun driving fog is even worse,So I had to crawl,Suddenly ankle tight,Got caught,Turning to see it was Dimoro,Not only him,This guy’s ankle was also caught,It’s the golden skeleton frame。
There was a palpitating noise from the side,The three guys don’t care about him,Hand-foot coordination,Climb out desperately,I completely forgot to get rid of the opponent,And the Great Asura God and‘Nirvana handkerchief’The fight has reached a critical moment,The earth-shaking power erupts,There is energy ramming and throbbing with terror everywhere,The stability of the entire Shura Secret Realm is undergoing an extremely severe test。
The Great Asura god secretly surprised,Shura Secret Realm is the domain space transformed by his ontology,Fight in your own territory,He received various positive blessings,In addition, it also includes the blessing of Yuan Li of the entire Shura people,Actually it was only with the injured‘Nirvana handkerchief’Made a tie,How horrible is this heyday?
There is one more thing that makes the Great Asura God uneasy,In his field,Any change by anyone,He can detect it for the first time,And see clearly,Only Dayan,This great supernatural power from the metaworld,It’s a ghost,There is no trace,Could it have been out of the Shura Secret Realm??
The more the Great Asura God beats his heart, the more he feels bottomless,and‘Nirvana handkerchief’Also miserable,He also didn’t expect his opponent to be so aggressive,More importantly, it is seriously injured,Not only difficult to recover,And it’s getting worse,Countless big mouths are also dumb at this moment,The rare sense of crisis and fear makes these mouths wonder what to say。
Black unicorn‘Faceless’So-called death mask,Sure enough,even if‘Nirvana handkerchief’How to pile up various curses and evil negative emotions can not neutralize such harm,It is far from expecting that the black unicorn is also a master of spiritual power,If you continue to fight, you have to confess here,It immediately decided to save its life as the best policy,In the realm of the Great Asura God,He didn’t know how to kill the opponent,But before leaving, it must make all the guys here pay the price。
Li Tianzhen, who was climbing outside, suddenly remembered the black unicorn,It was crawling on the edge of the fighting scene,like a statue,‘Faceless’After the lore inspired,I emptied all the energy of the black unicorn,Recovery is quite time consuming,Even with the aid of drugs,At least last month。
Li Tianzhen can’t leave the black unicorn alone,But the situation is very hanging,He was still holding Dimoro’s ankle,And this great supernatural power of the Brahma,More unbearable than him,There is no trace of the demeanor of a superior at this moment,Hurriedly like a dog,I only know how to urge Xiantian Daochang to climb far away,Can’t even figure out the direction,In fact, a group of ambushing Shuramon has already surrounded the three of them。
Li Tianzhen let go,His injury is not serious,Flesh wounds are mainly caused by sound waves,The bombardment of mental power has gradually disappeared,The bones and soul are basically intact,The combat effectiveness didn’t drop much,He completely concealed all parties involved in a gesture of showing weakness。
There is a key point,Li Tianzhen never found a trace of Dayan,This god and demon is hiding in the dark,Make him have to guard,And whether there are other powerful gods and demons,He doesn’t know,Can only be careful and careful,Less than last resort,Never reveal strength。
The congenital Taoist and Di Moro can’t help but fight against the besieged Shura,And there are signs that the Great Asura God is about to decide the outcome,‘Nirvana handkerchief’Seems unstoppable,In retreat,The battle form of the ghosts of hell is also quickly disintegrated,Reverted back to the shape of a square handkerchief,But this form is not stable,The many big mouths hanging above can no longer cooperate,Form synergy,Seeing to fall apart。
Long fighting,The Great Asura God finally suppressed‘Nirvana handkerchief’,Unspeakable joy in my heart,In consciousness,Except Dayan,All enemies are under control,He couldn’t help being excited,Intend to make a big effort,Completely defeat the opponent,The short guns on both hands suddenly joined together,Crescent-shaped barbs are formed on the left and right gun tips,The freed left hand took out an extremely irregular black stone from his arms,Shake your hand‘Nirvana handkerchief’。
“Fellow,We fumbled for a long time,There must be some misunderstanding,Better to stop,You and I are so talkative?”