The "four rate" targets exceeded the "Summer General Assembly War" in Heilongjiang Province

In accordance with the deployment of the "Summer General Assembly War" in accordance with the provincial government of Heilongjiang Province, the province has biting the "four rate" targets, and goes all out to grasp the construction of the golden period. As of September 10, 221 projects were started with a hundred major projects, and the starting rate was more than 80%, and the investment completion rate was over 80%. The funds were over 80%, and the completion rate was 100%. The "four rate" targets are all overloaded, and the "Summer Conference War" is full of success and successfully ended.

Multiple data is intuitive to present the strong development momentum of Heilongjiang Province.

This year, Heilongjiang has been in advance of the "Summer General Assembly War" in June 1, and the day of the Summer General Assembly is completed during the war period, and the "excavator index" of the Longjiang strong growth will reflect the growth rate of solid investment. He became one of the five most active provinces in the country from January to July this year. Under the pulling of a hundred major projects, the province has increased in the year-on-year growth in the first half of this year, higher than the national percentage point, raising the 10th in the country, increased a percentage point in the same period last year, two years average growth%; driving the province’s fixed assets 3,380 start construction projects, and the number of project construction increased year-on-year.

During the "Summer General Assembly War", the construction of the 100 major projects has been fully accelerated, and the construction of major engineering construction is frequently transmitted, and the industrial project continues to force.

Harbin Airport East Runway Support Project started in advance, Harbin Tie Yike Tie, Jia He Railway and Hassi, Sui University and other high-speed projects accelerated construction, Music high-speed rail successfully tried.

Daqing shale oil exploration tries to take breakthroughs, Fu Yu Yihai Jiari modern agricultural industrial park corn sector began to test production, wheat, yeast plate accelerated construction, and the construction of pharmaceutical industrial parks.

Lindian County Yili Li Liquid Production Base Project Trial Production, One Heavy Upper Qihar Wind Power Equipment Project is put into production. Next, Heilongjiang Province will continue to focus on the "four seasons of war" in the top 100 major projects, and do a good job in autumn, strive to complete the annual goals in advance, build more project "Optimus" and "development", which is high quality in the province. Develop more powerful kinetic energy savings. (Reporter Xu Jiaqian) (Editor: Wang Sidi, Wang Yan) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.