Unite as one united – Review of Spirit against SARS

Relay for Life is a race against the epidemic – unite to build the "Great Wall" the beginning of 2003, the SARS epidemic unexpected, spread far beyond the speed and extent of the harm people think.

The end of the year in mid-February, the epidemic in Guangdong in some areas; early March, disseminate and spread in north China; 4 months late, spread to 26 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities …… diagnosed numbers continue to rise, people’s health and life safety is seriously threatened, tourism, catering and other industries suffered extreme "cold", fears panic spread in part the masses. "We must effectively put the health and lives of the masses of safety first." Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee meeting April 17, 2003, held firm voice.

The SARS epidemic were included in the statutory management; establish and improve an open and transparent epidemic reporting system and information release system; the establishment of the national headquarters of atypical pneumonia prevention and treatment; the introduction of free medical treatment for patients with peasants and urban poor people in; implementation and prevention group control, so early detection, early reporting, early isolation and early treatment …… a series of timely and effective measures taken by the CPC Central Committee, is blocking the SARS scientific and orderly to eliminate panic played an important role.

The critical moment, the sons and daughters of one mind, duty-bound to join in the fight against SARS.

"I am a party member, let me go!" Throughout the Communist volunteered, the first charge.

Numerous activists FireWire submit an application to join the party, line solemn oath in the fight against SARS. Denglian Xian, Ye Xin, Chen Hongguang, Liang Shikui, Li Xiaohong …… footer to medical personnel engaged the illness of life, at their lives.

And epidemic race for the Relay for Life, the country’s scientists and technicians worked day and night, work together to research, less than 10 days to start more than 80 scientific research projects.

All the people to participate in mass prevention and control in the battle against SARS remarkable results, has been highly praised by all sectors of the community including the World Health Organization, including experts.

During the SARS epidemic, love life, love compatriots, love the motherland in the world surging – "This is war minus the shooting, who can stay out?" "It’s very test, the heroes of the Chinese nation, why fear disaster obstacles! "truth surging everywhere, unite as one nation. In this desperate battle with a serious epidemic, the Chinese nation gather up all-conquering enormous power, steel wall erected against SARS. Rapport Plus support – difficulties miracles It was a touching spring. "Beijing, we support you!" During SARS, Hebei against such banners to Beijing on board to deliver aid. Shanghai, Tianjin, Liaoning, Shandong, Henan, Hainan …… a production line at full capacity around the clock production aid. A stick in the hospital doctor received a letter from her daughter assured her. Daughter leave home, teachers and neighbors often came to visit, also sent fruit and food; some students came all the way to accompany her daughter to play and chat. In Guangzhou, the community have a helping hand, donated money and goods, condolences to health care workers, care about their family life, help the rehabilitation of patients adjust their mentality, the families of SARS patients with psychological counseling for families with children just released from quarantine of tuition, effectively Support the SARS prevention and control work.

Peking University People’s Hospital implemented a closed isolation that day, sidewalk outside the exclusion zone, covered with Chinese knot, yellow ribbon, card and paper cranes, consign the people will overcome the epidemic of hope and good wishes.

2003 April 24, 4000 construction workers, 500 sets of construction machinery marched Beijing Xiaotangshan, only seven days and seven nights, they played like a miracle to build a city with 1,000 beds, was the largest infectious disease specialist hospital, for the world amazing.

From April 15 to April 19, just a few days time, Beijing Genomics Institute, Chinese Academy of successful development of one hour test kit. A Chinese student as far away as Norway is the country’s fight against SARS story touched, he wrote in a letter: On the journey to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, not only with flowers and applause, thorns and there will be more wind and rain.

Wish our motherland perseverance, thrives. Geng continue to carry forward the spirit of the soul – gathering strength to win the victory of the people will not stand no spirit, no national spirit is not strong.

The highlight during the SARS epidemic, "one mind, united, solidarity, work together, the difficulties, dare to win" great spirit, not only encouraged when the Chinese people to join hands to overcome difficulties and achieved victory against SARS, and thereafter continued to burst out of the majestic Weili spirit. In early 2020, the sudden outbreak of a new crown pneumonia.

Referring to the past, "Beijing Xiaotangshan" mode, Wuhan rushed to completion of Vulcan Mountain, Raytheon Hill Hospital, "China miracle" once again shocked the world. Risking his own life, duty-bound.

The critical moment, the great spiritual light shine again north and south.

Under the new crown pneumonia epidemic, many medical workers to come forward. Many health care workers involved in Xiaotangshan Hospital where he volunteered to work, decided to go to Wuhan, the vow "If war, will be called back, always win."

Divine Land, a tear-jerking story of a hero.

Heart and faith, in order line far. Across time and space of the great spirit of the fight against SARS, the Chinese nation to overcome all difficulties and obstacles provide a powerful spiritual force, progressive forces amassed endless.

Vigorously carry forward the great spirit, will continue to lead us through the clutter, overcome difficulties, won a new victory.