Wang Youcai froze for a while,I understood what Hu Huiru meant。He immediately called Wu Wu,Let him rush to the Regent Hotel for a drink,After that, he called Xu Lihong again。Xu Lihong heard that Wang Youcai wanted to invite her to dinner at the Regent Hotel,This makes her happy。

The speed of these two people is really not so fast,In less than twenty minutes,These two people are already sitting next to Wang Youcai。
“Wang Ge!What good day is today,To invite us to such an upscale place”Wu Wu laughed,Raised the red wine that Wang Youcai poured for him。
The careful Xu Lihong discovered,This table has been passive,It’s just that she didn’t explain it thoroughly。Three people raised their glasses and drank one,Then I started eating。
“Whom did I ask you to send a message to?,Why is there no movement??”Wang Youcai is eating vegetables,While asking Wu Wudao in a low voice。
Wu Wu thought for a while and said:“Maybe someone can’t do things,How about this!I will come here personally,But you have to let me plan,Absolutely let him hook”
“Be fast,Just these two days”Wang Youcai said,Frowned,Unhappy。
Wu Wu glanced at Xu Lihong,Then lowered his voice and said to Wang Youcai:“This guy has recently become obsessed with a new lady from Beauty International,Almost every night to join in,Maybe tonight will be over”
“Or else,I will meet this person in person tonight,As the saying goes, enemies are easy to solve but not easy to knot,When my king is rich,Should be generous last time”When Wang Youcai said this,,Bite your teeth。He really can’t swallow this breath。
I think when his second brother left Pingdu,He was caught in the pigtail by this Chen Feng,Forced him to do a lot of things he shouldn’t do。But he has great wealth,Survived in a catastrophe and turned up again。Although his brother is a mayor now,But Wang Youcai is still not afraid。
“Wang Ge!This kind of people,We can stay away,Try to stay away!”Wu Wu said,Also has his concerns。
Wang Youcai glanced at his watch and said:“It’s still early,You inform your brother,If this person appears in Beauty International,Call you immediately”
“Good brother!Do you want to prepare some people??”Wu Wu asked worriedly。
Wang Youcai shook his head and said:“No need to,I asked him to brag,Not fighting,What to prepare for?”That’s it for Wang Youcai,Can’t help but laugh out loud。
A table of delicious dishes,The three of them almost didn’t finish eating。Before leaving,Wang Youcai also packed a few dishes,Brought by。This makes Wu Wu and Xu Lihong very puzzled,This is not his Wang Youcai character。
Once back in the yard where Xu Lihong lives,Wang Youcai first glanced at the situation in the yard,Just shouted in a low voice:“Chrysanthemum orchid,You come out”