Zhu Huiwei hasn’t spoken yet,Zhang Haibao shouted:“You must stay and help us catch ten more third-generation zombies,Otherwise you can’t go there!”

Chen Xiu ignored him,Just looking at Zhu Huiwei。
Although I played a few times before,But that’s mostly a joke,Chen Xiu’s own mind is also fluctuating,This time, the ancestors of Baihu have stepped in,Facing this kind of cow who lived more than one thousand six hundred years old,He dare not report any fluke,Resolutely disagree with Zhu Huiwei、Zhang Haibao got together。
“You are really determined?”
Zhu Huiwei said slowly:“You help us deal with three generations of zombies and you won’t get nothing,You saw the golden effort just now,Not only useful for zombies,It has the same longevity effect for humans。
As long as you help us catch ten third-generation zombies,We can give you a drop of effort alone,I promise that you can live over 300 years with a mortal body!”
If the ancestor Baihu didn’t step in,,Chen Xiu really agreed。
“If you have a lifespan, you have to have a chance to live.。Hit the head with a knife,Even if you have a 300-year-old birthday, you will die!”
Right now Chen Xiu shook his head resolutely。
Zhu Huiwei said helplessly:“Row,You go。”
Chen Xiu turned around and was leaving,Zhang Haibao blocked his way,Slashed his head with a palm,Said sharply:“Old Zhu,Can’t let him go,There are masters in the three generations of zombies,There is no such thing as exorcism,We have no chance!”
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