The Doctor of Spirits Bai Yu and Zheng Qiuhong in Penglai Room Unveil The Thousand Years Past

“The Doctor of Spirits” Bai Yu and Zheng Qiuhong in Penglai Room Unveil “The Thousand Years Past”
On January 2nd, the urban love drama “Penglai Room” starring Bai Yu and Zheng Yuhong announced that they will be scheduled on January 6th. Tencent video will be broadcast exclusively on the whole network. It will update 2 episodes every Monday, February 2 and 20 at 20 o’clock. Members will watch 6 episodes first.Bai Qi’s “Doctor of Spirits” Bai Qi will unveil a “Millennium Past” together with the young girl Lin Xia played by Zheng Qiuhong.Bai Yu.Image source network “Penglai Room” is adapted from the novel of the same name by the new-selling best-selling author Lu Han, and the script is adapted by Lu Han himself. On the basis of considering the core of the original book, it strives to restore and strengthen the value of the drama “warm cure” to the greatest extent.With temperament.In the play, Bai Yu’s “Doctor of Souls” starts from the white, and he has used the power of the mysterious plant “Taoyuan Township” to heal “souls” for thousands of years, transforming his obsession to return to normal human life, but he is carrying an unknown injury.pain.Dr. Li’s erroneous encounter with Lin Xia, a human girl, changed their lives. At the same time, the secrets hidden in Bai Qi’s heart for thousands of years were gradually revealed.Sauna, Ye Wang Yang Lianjie Editor Tong Na proofreading Li Lijun