Cangzhou Ke City promotes the overall construction of land comprehensive remediation and ecological restoration project

"One Mi Garden" project. The Coacheng District Propaganda Department is a map of the whole domain to rectify the city and rich people, and promote ecological restoration and environmental improvement. Kecheng strictly control the quality of the digital Wan Tian Sanwei Information Management System and "One Village Wan Tree" and other boutique, realizes the digital management of people, housing, and field three-in-law, and the integrated environment is effectively improved.

  Zheng Xunzhou, the party secretary of the Wan Tian Township, introduced that Wantian Township implements the land, through engineering, biotechnology, improved project area, road traffic, land fertility, soil and water and water and water and water and water and water and water and water and water and water and water and water and water and water, etc. . Such as the construction of an ecological ditch, using a cobblestone, natural stone and other materials, 9 kilometers of ecological irrigation canal; implementing the aquatic plant-phosphorus intercepting system, aquatic plant optimization configuration, planting green plant on both sides of the channel, the water planting chemical oxygen demand, total nitrogen The total phosphorus decreased by 20%, 30% and more than 30%, respectively. In 2020, the whole domain rectification is struggling, and the national pilot project is zero breakthrough, rectifying the land of 20,000 mu, and adding a cultivated land to 10,000 mu. This year, the city’s land comprehensive rectification cultivated land production is expected to reach 5 million kilograms, with an output value of 16 million yuan, will increase land rental income for the village collective and farmers 12 million yuan.

At the same time, through the comprehensive rectification of the whole country, Ke City also attracted a group of agricultural development enterprise projects such as Jiaon, Space, Baiguan, Zhejiang, and promoted the "long-termization" and industrial improvement efficiency of cultivated land. Thanks to the rural revitalization funds of the whole country land comprehensive rectification, Yu Dong Village in Qiti Township in Kugocheng District has put more than 3,500 million yuan, and 76 "micro-transformation, fine improvement" projects have been implemented, retaining rural textures, become Zhejiang "micro Reconstruction, refinement "demonstration village.

At the same time, unified planning "five types", on the spot, create a "one-meter vegetable garden" with "native taste + art taste", painting the "ten miles" of the peasant painting, the whole country is rectified as "engine ", Putting the village enhancement area, further starting the" China’s First Peasant Painting Village "brand.