Li Tianzhen could not bear the huge pressure,Fell into the mud,Just before the shot,He actually can’t tell if the target is Xiao Song or the dark red truncated cone,At a critical moment,It was the unicorn beast that first shattered part of the opponent’s illusion with its powerful spiritual knowledge,Otherwise, it will be a problem whether the knife can go out,but now‘Mane rat’But it became a touch,Make him unacceptable。

“Everything before may be an illusion,Why bother mother-in-law?”I remembered the voice of the unicorn beast,Very angry。It got hurt again,When the old evildoer was imprisoned just now, the opponent had a strong counterattack,Li Tianzhen’s leaf knife will collapse after a while,So I am even more afraid than Li Tianzhu,It hasn’t figured it out yet,Why did you stupidly agree to Li Tianzhi’s request before?,It’s like death。
Li Tianzhu felt awe-inspiring,I also apologize to the unicorn beast,But whether the body in front of you is real or not‘Mane rat’,Since he died in front of you,There must be a simple way,So I found a piece of wood,Ready to dig a hole to bury。
“Can’t be buried!”Unicorn beast angry。
Li Tianzhen was taken aback when he heard the words,Look up,Can’t help but jump,There are always white corpses appearing in front,Black night,Mottled shadows terrifying than night,All this is merged in a frame,As if to hell on earth。
“How could this be?”
“All for you,Is it possible that you go through each and every one?”
“This evildoer is too hateful!”Li Tianzhen is in anger,Vitality circulates rapidly,Stepped down hard,Bang,The earth shakes,Cracked ground,Pond mud tumbling,House collapse,Those corpses that had the flowers were drowned。
Under rage,Li Tianzhi acted spontaneously,No spare power,The sea of vitality dropped by half instantly like a flood,‘God’s Footprints’Full outbreak,Destructive power is terrifying,It’s like an earthquake within a radius of nearly ten miles,After all, it is a magical skill,Li Tianzhi just broke through again,The power of this foot is far from what he can compare when he just captured the memory fragment。
“This guy is angry。”The yin and yang face of the unicorn beast pouted,The three heads whirred around several times,The yin and yang head and no face all retracted into the abdominal cavity,Fell asleep on the ground,The body of the ancient monster beast is different from other creatures,Severely injured,You can recover yourself when you sleep,Very tough。
The three-eyed green toad jumped into the sea of vitality with a thud,I was so nervous just now,It needs to relax,This sea water has a great nourishing effect on it,It is even ready to sleep in it,But the next moment it knows that it can’t sleep,Sudden waves roll on the calm sea,Followed by,Dark clouds under the new sky,Thunder and lightning,Even the dazzling celestial palace is hidden and looming。
After a footstep,The dusty mists flying around disappeared cleanly,The sky seems to be very refreshing,I can even see individual stars,Breeze,Li Tianzhen looked at the Dala Mountain in the distance and suddenly became proud,After screaming up to the sky, rushing wildly。
As Li Tianzhen’s body passed by like the wind,Many strange creatures in the jungle hid fearfully into darker places,But there are many powerful monsters eager to try,They may closely monitor the trajectory of the intrusion,Or sharpen the knife,More carefully prepared traps are looking for opportunities to lure intruders into the set。
They are the eyes and ears of the evildoer in the mountain,Or in a sense,The evil spirits are their common matrix,The evildoer created them,The evildoer needs more ears and eyes like this,Further grow into a powerful guardian and preacher,When these two powerhouses reach a sufficient number,Can save the mother trapped deep in the belly of the mountain,The mission of these monsters is to save the mother,No matter what method。
There are many kinds of monsters,But none of them belong to humans,All the evildoers recreated with powerful spiritual power to trap soul and flesh and blood,strictly speaking,The created monster is not a real life,They can grow,Can increase strength and supernatural powers,But unable to reproduce,low IQ,And the life cycle is short,If you can’t grow into a guardian and evangelist within two or three months,Will die on its own。
These monsters look strange,Relying on the hobbies of the evildoer,In a good mood,It can create these flesh and blood into the most perfect life shape,When in a bad mood,It combines various organs,Like the head、arm、The thighs are meshed randomly,Just give them the incomplete soul and ability to move。
then,Deep in the dark jungle,If the adventurer breaks in and is lucky to not die,You can see all kinds of weird things running all over the floor,Even jumping between the trees,That is definitely not a monkey,Look carefully,That thing may not have a head,But with five arms,Or that thing is just a round head,Just put a leg in the lower part of the neck,Jumping around among the dense branches,more than this,You may still see the six arms holding the heads of two boars being connected as a whole and yelling at you。
Above monster,So all kinds of,All evil creatures,But it’s not all weird,Everyone’s peripheral eyes and ears,Are generally carefully created,Such as creations that are exactly the same as humans,The white corpses that Li Tianzhen saw were one of his eyes and ears.,It’s also an important attack method for evildoers,And that floats around,Things that are hard to detect with the naked eye,Like a transparent jellyfish in the ocean,Also ears and eyes,But was pinched by the unicorn beast。
The magical power of the evildoer is vast,But has not reached the power of the creator,All souls with broken eyes and ears are part of the powerful spiritual power of the evildoer,And the continuous replenishment of mental power,It depends on the soul of the prey that the guardian hunts back,These prey are also very complex,Including nearby villagers,livestock、Beasts and more,It also includes creatures farther away,Furthest place,The Guardian has even been to Myanmar,There is further northwest。