Break out of the five dangerous triangles of the body

Break out of the five dangerous triangles of the body

The human body also has multiple dangerous triangles, such as the female’s reproductive triangle, the occipital triangle that causes headaches, and the acne-prone facial triangle, where multiple nerves, blood vessels or organs are concentrated, which are important functional areas of the human bodyWe are carefully guarded morally.

  NO1: Urinary susceptibility to the bladder triangle danger zone This area consists of two ureteral orifices connected to the urethral orifice.

This is the place where residual urine is stored in the body. The urinary system is one of the main ways of detoxifying the body.

Therefore, the bottom of the bladder is the area where toxins and waste stay.

  Dangerous formation of the mucosa at the bladder triangle is just a very thin layer of tissue, and the submucosal tissue is rich in blood vessels.

Therefore, the blood supply is insufficient and the self-protection ability is relatively poor. Most of the bladder diseases such as cystitis, bladder tuberculosis and nephritis occur here.

  In addition, although the urine is generally sterile, it is easy to breed bacteria. If you frequently urinate, it will cause the bladder to contract, and the urine cannot be completely emptied in the bladder, causing bacteria to become inflamed.

The bladder is connected to the kidneys, and the kidneys are vulnerable to injury.

  Safety warnings Drink plenty of water, drink at least 1,000 a day?
2000 ml, and regularly empty the bladder to avoid bacterial proliferation; keep the urethra clean and dry; eat more foods containing vitamin E.

In addition, studies have found that smoking increases the risk of bladder cancer by a factor of three.

Therefore, quitting smoking is also important.

  NO2: Female’s reproductive triangle danger zone. The reproductive triangle consists of deep perineal muscles, urethral membrane sphincter, and three layers of fascia below.

This triangular area includes all the female reproductive organs. The estrogen secreted by these organs allows women to maintain their unique menstruation, shape, skin and body sensations.

  Dangerous formation Because a woman’s vagina is an open organ, the bacteria can drive straight in without notice.

And because this part is dark, the surrounding environment is particularly suitable for the breeding of bacteria.

When antibiotics are available, the area’s abundant blood vessels and typical bacteria spread all the way up.

  Safety warning: due to the anus in this area, there are many skin wrinkles and rich sweat glands, so cleaning and protection is the most important.

Especially during menstruation, it is necessary to change the sanitary napkins frequently to prevent blood stains from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria; wash your hands before entering the toilet to prevent bacteria from invading.

  NO3: The shoulder triangle which is easy to be injured. The shoulder triangle is equivalent to the position of the deltoid muscle of the upper arm joint.

The muscles in this area are thick. The deltoid muscles wrap around the shoulder joint from the front, the outside, and the back. The arm nerves are distributed in it, which governs the contraction and relaxation of the deltoid muscle.

The other joints in the whole body can only do flexion and extension, and the shoulder joint can perform 5 directions of movement due to the special ball and socket structure.

  Dangerous formation Due to the loose structure of the shoulder joint, if the movement is improper, it is easy to damage the soft tissue of the shoulder due to instant muscle strain; then, because the shoulder joint is often used for various sports of the upper body, the soft tissue around the joint will be friction and squeezedProne to chronic strain or soft tissue inflammation.

  Safety warning: Warm up sufficiently before exercise to allow muscles and ligaments to be fully decomposed; exercise should be moderate, and joints should be kept slightly curved during exercise to avoid excessive movement and avoid injury to the joints.

  NO4: occipital triangle danger zone causing headache The occipital triangle refers to the suboccipital region, including the first cervical spine and the second cervical spine.

Here are the most complex joints of the human body: pillow-first cervical spine-second cervical spine.

The head rotates left and right, nodding and shaking his head are mainly accomplished by these joints.

The normal cervical spine is slightly convex forward, and the neuroarteries pass through in the middle. Such an arc can easily increase the elasticity of the cervical spine and slow the vibration of the head.

  Dangerous formation If you maintain a bad posture for a long time, the lordosis will gradually straighten or turn into kyphosis, which will compress the normal working nerves and blood vessels, and even easily cause diseases such as migraine and stroke.

  Safety warnings to avoid high-sleeping.

A high pillow will bend the head forward, increase the pressure on the cervical spine, and easily accelerate the fracture of the cervical vertebra. The neck and shoulders should be kept warm.

  If you are exposed to cold air for a long time in an air-conditioned environment, rigidity and pain are prone to occur. Because you should always straighten your head, neck, shoulders, and back, don’t shrug your head often. After maintaining the same posture for 1 hour, pay attention to relax.Shoulder rehabilitation muscles, do some flexion and extension of the head and upper limbs, and rotate to increase the ability of the neck and shoulder muscles to cope with sudden changes.

  NO5: Acne-prone face triangle danger zone This triangle is formed by the line connecting the root of the nose and the corners of the mouth.

There are 6 veins in the head and face that can lead to the intracranial vein. They have branches and communicate with each other to form a dense network of blood vessels.

This area is rich in blood vessels, sufficient nutrient supply, and waste and toxins are removed in a timely manner, so the skin is the most sensitive and active, and the problems of the whole body are easily reflected here.

  Dangerous facial vein formation is the only vein without a venous valve, and venous blood flows continuously to a “waste disposal station”.

However, due to the special structure of the facial veins, in addition to the normal flow of blood down to the veins, and then up to the skull.

  Safety warning: If you have acne on your body, do n’t squeeze it carefully. Otherwise, the bacteria on the skin around your hands or acne will easily enter the blood and change the vein network.In severe cases, it will cause intracranial infection and be life-threatening.