but……Last time,The Eastern is invincible to feel that there should be event——Oriental is unbeaten and even thought about it.,Unfortunately, I recently served that I escaped.,Ren Yingying also hiding。

Just when the East is unbeaten by other candidates,Liu Sheng fluttered found the door……
Very beautiful,Very touching,It can be seen that it is a place.,And still voluntarily——Eastern is invisible,Choose,Very dedicated to Chu deer“help”!
Hotspot heroes in the Dajiang Lake
Chapter 545 Everything is in planning
Chu Deirers don’t listen to this song is okay.,Although facing the beauty、Earlier sound,But Chu Deirers,It is too much to calm the heart.,It is barely to be affected by external objects。
But listen to this song,Chu Deirers gradually sprout……
First, a melody of Jin Ge Tiema,Among them, the energetic force swallowed,Let Chu Deirens admire Qi Qi Qi’s skills,I don’t care about anything。
But starting from the middle section,One of the tunes,Some like《Phoenix》,But some places have a very different、Even the opposite?
At the same time, from the side of the music,It is not awkward——Just like a speaker、Queen of Moshi Sun Month,Start pursuing someone……You can’t say no turnover?
At this time, Chu Deirers’ thinking logic,Already caught in the piano,Go on the piano,I also started spring heart。
period“Taoism”There is no show——Because the East is unbeaten is also a truth,This piano is not a puzzling sound of the heart.,But normal“Pursue”!
Now Chu Deeng’s response,Not a poison、It is not a gods being confused.,In essentially,Be like a tide“Pursue”move。
only“Pursue”Too high level,You can’t 视 我 我 我。
Gradually Chu Deirers lost in their own spring hearts……
Last paragraph,As the east is unbeaten, it is light and soft.,The surrounding red yarn is blown open,A long sleeve,It is actually growing to the german man.,Volume into the bed……
Hereed,Chu Deirers are still addicted in spring love,Not just simple desire,More pure emotions。
After a moment,The East is unbeaten and has retired——She has done it.,After that, you have to figure it again.,Incomplete yin and yang,How to break through。
as well as……You can still look back,Complete but low-class yin and yang Jiaotai。
However, it is unbeaten in the East.,Looking away from outside,The Chu Deiren naturally kissed the Liu Sheng, covering his hand, the flutter,Suddenly shocked!
Just two love,Chu Deiren’s spirit does not respond。
But now Liu Shengwei is full of body tightness.——Even if you have it before,Maybe it may be preparation,Can be deep in this moment,It is still refused!
As a result,The Chu Deiren became a completely tutored for desire to,Suddenly all kinds of clear,especially“Buddha’s Palm”,Instantly take effect,Buddha light、Taoism……
Chu Deirers’ eyes immediately recovered clear,Looking at the portrait of the handkerchief,Feel the softness of the hand,Chu Deirers are shocked——What am I doing??
Chu Deirers immediately got up……
Some nervous,Gently use your fingertips,I only see below is a beautiful look.,Red eyes、At the same time, it seems to persuade yourself to。
Because there is a comparison,Chu Deirers first gave birth……Disappointed?
“You are……”Chu Deirens recognized her——This is not a woman who is accidentally caught by the horse before.?
“Rude。”Chu Deiren saw that she was caught,First help her to solve acupoints。
However,Liu Sheng is undergiving,Pulling out the short sword from the arms,I stabbed the Chu Deirers。
I just didn’t search this in the east.,after all……Is this a weapon??