Yellow Submarine fans throw bananas and eat stars to support Alves

“Yellow Submarine” fans throw bananas and eat stars to support Alves
Minnan.com April 30. Barcelona played “yellow submarine” on the road last Sunday.During the game, when Alves was about to take a corner kick, Villarreal fans threw bananas from the stands, intending to mock them as “monkeys.”Alves was never angry, but picked bananas from the ground and ate them on the spot as a response to this racial discrimination.After the game he said: “You just have to laugh at those idiots and treat it as a joke.”The stars eat bananas and support Alves (upper left) to win the praise of the simplified counterattack. Various stars and fans posted photos of eating bananas on social networks in solidarity with Alves, including Alves teammate Neymar, Italy.Stars Balotelli, Argentine star Aguero, Liverpool player Suarez, etc., even Italian Prime Minister Renzi also joined their ranks.  In fact, the Villarreal Club also issued an official announcement, announcing that it has found the perpetrator who threw bananas at Alves, and said that it will restore its membership and will not be allowed to enter the Love Song Stadium for life.