Construction of the world’s scientific community, look forward to the big Bay Area Science Forum

Construction of the world’s scientific community, large Bay Area Science Forum to look forward to exploring future, sharing scientific December 11, to "explore the future and share science" as the theme of the 2021 Bay Area Science Forum opened in Guangzhou. The forum is the first large Bay Area Science Forum, brings together the world’s top scientists and international scientific organizations.

Scientists in this global event, they will discuss the important topic of world development trend of science and its implications for the future, etc., to promote regional and global scientific prosperity, and contribute to the development of wisdom and strength. In recent years, Guangdong, Hong Kong Bay Area remarkable technological innovation and development, has become the international scientific and technological innovation center with global influence.

In 2008, the Guangdong Provincial Science Conference, set off a wave of innovation until the big Bay Area Guangdong, Hong Kong cooperation framework introduced in 2017, especially since the party’s 18 big shift from the Bay Area to achieve technical improvements to innovation.

2019, "Guangdong, Hong Kong Grand Bay Development Plan" landing, proposed to build a large Bay Area International Science and Technology Innovation Center has global influence; in recent years, Guangdong, Hong Kong Grand Bay National Science Center approved the construction of a comprehensive, wide Hong Kong and Macao deep technological innovation corridor steady progress to provide strong support to accelerate the formation of a large Bay Area economy to innovation as the main driving force and support.

In this context, a large Bay Area Science Forum came into being.

This was initiated by "all the way along the" League of Nations scientific organization to the Ministry of Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Association for the guidance of the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government of Guangdong, Hong Kong Organizer great scientific event in the Bay Area at the highest level, is undoubtedly help Dawan District an important step to build a global innovation engine. The forum theme of "exploring the future and share science", it shows a large high-end positioning of the Bay Area Science Forum and far-reaching significance. "Sharing science" refers to a broad cooperation consensus, explore global response to the new path. The forum has invited over a hundred domestic and foreign academicians and experts, including Nobel laureates, including, leading scientists and research institutions involved. Sharing scientific basis for the future is to explore, as a contemporary scientists, the greatest responsibility is to deliver value to the scientific method and scientific analysis to the community – a great big Bay Area Science Forum is a transit point for the transfer of scientific value.

On the one hand, the forum for cutting-edge basic science research.

As we all know, the independence of the research is the foundation to promote basic scientific change, and open scientific basis for significant fundamental discovery of great importance.

On the other hand, the forum also concerned about the major issues of global sustainable development. The forum of six sub-forums are focused on nano-science, life science, network communications, sustainable development, marine science and intelligent software industry, the world’s cutting-edge science are all hot and Guangdong areas of strength.

Both concerned with basic science expertise, and contemplation of the real problems of social development, reflects the large Bay Area Science Forum how to share science, build consensus, to explore new possibilities in the future.

"Exploring the Future", refers to the convergence of global scientific wisdom, help build big Bay Area globally important engine of innovation, is committed to contribute to the world China program.

"Along the way," the President of the International Union scientific organizations, Bai Chunli, Chinese Academy of Sciences in the Bay Area Video attending the 2021 Science Forum big press conference when he said, would create a large Bay Area Science Forum to be "technology Davos", on the subject of its influence in the world. Guangdong, Hong Kong International Grand Bay Area Center for Technology Innovation Center and construction of a comprehensive national scientific steadily, with the Spallation Neutron Source, neutrino experiment station, Pengcheng laboratory as the representatives of a number of national strategies and technological strength have settled in Guangdong, Hong Kong to Guangzhou-Shenzhen, Guangzhou-Zhuhai-Macao "Two Corridors" main skeleton of a large Bay Area to accelerate the innovation potential layout molding.

Data show that in 2020, Guangdong, Hong Kong Bay Area R & D investment of nearly 360 billion yuan, "Shenzhen – Hong Kong – Guangzhou Science and Technology Cluster" Global Innovation Index for two consecutive years ranked No. 2 ranking, Guangdong regional innovation capacity has been 4 years in a row bits ranking first in the country. Guangdong, Hong Kong has become a big Bay Area strength and courage of the International Science and Technology Innovation Center has global influence.

Through in-depth exchange of large Bay Area Science and Technology Forum, more conducive to promoting the development of countries to share innovative ideas and philosophy, and Guangdong, Hong Kong Bay Area as a fulcrum, to inject new functionality to build the world’s scientific community. Innovation has become the driving force to lead the development and look forward to the big Bay Area Technology Forum has become a new base for the leading edge of scientific communication, a new starting point for high-quality construction "along the way" of. HeadlineTop.