Days with "Looking"

Ningxia Guyuan, I used my mobile phone to pursue the tractor to roll the soil, spring plow, the video is returned to the editorial department, the new media editor: "After taking the soil?" I said: "It is a mud.

"Former US President National Safety Affairs Assistant Brinkski agreed to accept the" Look "weekly to his interview. In my view box, the distance between the Western scholar and the Oriental civilization seems to be nearly text |" 望 " News Weekly Photographic Senior Editor’s Senior Editor’s "Walking" was built in 40 years, I have 32 years with "Looking". Just as "Looking" to make pictures edit, the opening of the cover "Looking at the Everest" is deeply printed into the brain I clearly know that it is the height of "lookout". The seniors bow down to the "lookout" photography old senior Lifeng (Time Weekly Social Editor-General Editor) and Yuan Wei (Time Weekly Social Education Committee and Photography Editorial Office ) Have experienced a warfare photographer experience, and many of the wars they shoot and a lot of photos in the new China Construction period have been loaded into the history.

  The old seniors are the leader of my photographer’s career.

I remember that I just went to the "Lookout" editorial department, "Taiwan compatriots to swim Xinjiang" group will be selected for the 7th National News Photography Exhibition, but the old elders have put forward higher requirements for me: "You dare to shoot you." The photo is larger than the 24 吋 hanging one week? Do you dare to say this is a good photo for a few years? "Until today, the old seniors will return to the ear." At the time of rural interview, the old seniors said to me: As a photographic reporter of "Looking", you have to understand the countryside like the Secretary of the County Party Committee, and to sit on the peasant home. Although I have not had the level of the county party secretary, I remember these words, I have the opportunity to sit down in the countryside, I will sit in the farmers’ home.

  When I retired in 2018, I went to Ningxia Guyuan, and the mobile phone was pursued from the mobile phone. After the spring, the spring plow, the video was returned to the editorial department, the editor of the new media department Q: "I said." : "It is a mud." Sports photography, technical difficulty is very difficult, with film’s era, camera lens is hand-focused, and the photographic reporter is test.

In 1988, I took the camera into the sports stadium. The first time I first filmed the Chinese Cup International Gymnastics. He went to the First Agricultural Games, the first urban sports meeting, and the gold and silver award of the national sports photography competition. Since then, the solid work of practicing, it has continued to become a member of the National Photography Team, and the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The keen insight is deeply thinking that "Lookout" is a large-scale time affairs news weekly, which requires editing staff to have a keen insight and depth thinking. On the photography report, "Watch" reported more in the form, and thus in the shooting, I strive to control the theme with a more macroeconomic consciousness, grasp the event itself or characteristics, and try my best, and use rich photography language. Description, thereby reflecting a deeper level of connotation.

  Whether it is the first interview in 1987 Footbridge Taiwan compatriots back to the mainland to visit relatives for the first time, or the National Defense University in 1993, an exclusive interview with General Ban; whether it is the 1995 Fourth World Conference on Women, the 2001 Shanghai APEC meeting, or 2006 Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Beijing – Lhasa train starting or 2007 Army Eightieth anniversary of Nanchang – Jinggangshan red brigade, the 60th anniversary of the founding of New China in Tiananmen Square in 2009 designated the shooting, and many times the Chinese Arts Festival, traditional Ethnic Minority Sports Meet, two of the country and many other scenes, I strive perspective "Outlook", the interpretation of the lens with a high degree of "Outlook" of. "21st Century China and the World" International Forum 2001 held in Beijing, is a high-level international event held in China in the new century. Walked in, I’ll make up their minds to take advantage of Beijing iconic poster of seal and red stamp on the podium is good background, it will be closely linked to the characters looked and Chinese elements.

  When shooting before Ghali, I want to reflect his "deep emotion and contact with Beijing and China’s countless" to make as much as possible in the picture into the more Beijing landmark, the lecturer and his focus echoed look at. Soros US financial sector is an important figure in the 1997 Asian financial crisis. When shooting him, I was standing across from him, intends to camera shake big move upward, and he set his sights on me the moment I pressed the shutter. Former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski United States agreed to accept the "Outlook" magazine interview with him, he said:. "I think of China really has changed significantly, because China has changed" when shooting, I intentionally mahogany tables and chairs and a big screen written scriptures with him box.

In my view box, the distance between the Eastern and Western scholars civilization is so close. 2003 reported to Jiuquan launch Shenzhou V, I shoot photos of astronaut Yang Liwei off, Xinhua News Agency dispatch system by starting the pass is issued, or the front page of many newspapers published a full page, a number of sites used.

Simultaneously published in the "Outlook" 2003 25 cover and inside text.

"" Shenzhou "Jumping in front" of articles and several photos in addition to the "Outlook" published, but has been reproduced in a number of domestic and foreign media.

  2017 I went to Gannan interview, went to the fields and into the homes of villagers, using the camera to record under the old people to get rid of "poor hat" figure and bustle satisfied smile.

"Outlook" published special report "Gannan Revolutionary under the lens of poverty," while the "Outlook" new media published pictures 22, in China’s poverty-line network China, while China Development Gateway publication, title figure on China Home, was also named in October 2017 Beijing international Photography week "shot out of poverty story" exhibition.

  Trained "eye" coincidence knowledge bead "Outlook" Photography has been a newsroom editorial one, that is, picture editor and photographer.

"Outlook" is the weekly photo editing each week Selected publications cover a thematic context with maps and pictures.

We can see all the photos Xinhua News Agency headquarters and overseas branch photojournalist day of filming, as well as Agence France-Presse, Reuters and the Associated Press Xinhua News Agency issued photo multimedia database every day, but also you can see domestic photos on the big picture site, and they need mass weekly photos and read from carefully selected, which requires us to have a pair of "eye", the process was very hard and happy. When editing a set of topics Photos "in 2000 to greet the new dawn of the century", we press the longitude, from January 1 in the morning the first track of the new century dawn of New Zealand, all the way west, from the Eastern Hemisphere to Western Hemisphere, picked out every a sunrise photo of the East are so pleasing, so exciting. 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, the editorial department of "earthquake disaster dumping country great battle" for the title, are reported by almost the whole of this publication, but with 55 photographs made 16 Illustrated.

Whether it is time that Xinhua News Agency picture database, or major domestic wonderful photo photo site, we should be exhausted with it forms a very strong shocking, to great acclaim.

  Do photography editor and reporter at the same time, I was a major news event interview, or their own independent or text editor written in collaboration with a number of articles. Remember most is the on-site interviews to launch Shenzhou VII.

  After the successful launch of Shenzhou VII Jiuquan, I’ll cover images and text within images transmitted to the editorial department, and saw and heard oral nearly a week to the editorial board using a mobile phone, which some remember the scene: "In the morning 6:30, Our reporter to SkyCity shui river walk.

Bitingly early autumn morning air, the base hit from time to time veterans morning exercises, and occasionally can be seen from Beijing to the veterans of the scene.

Intermittent hear them whisper: ‘hurry, be careful on Zhang Jianqi thrust’, the original, Zhang Jianqi, deputy commander of China’s manned space also has the habit of early morning walks, he is quick, eighty, difficult with other people this was on the rhythm. Even morning exercise habits have not the slightest change, human spaceflight this quiet calm, showing their strong confidence in the success of the launch.

"Ultimately, this writer by the carambola yuan, I dictated the text report" China Space Touch "selected" boutique Xinhua News Agency reported significant election. "

  Later retired, I often went to walk around the world, after the new crown pneumonia outbreak in the country around, shot while walking in the process, still habitually Denden high, looked far …….