And besides him,The true bodies of the other four Allahs of the God Eyes,And third、The incarnation of the sixth Allah is also there。

“Youngest,Those two human races are really so arrogant!?”The Second Allah frowned,His strength in the seven Allahs of the God Eye Race is only mid-range,But come true early,Calm and wise,High status。
“Second brother,Will I talk nonsense about this??And those two humans deliberately told us。If you don’t believe me。”
“Yes brother!”The sixth Allah also smiled bitterly:“I feel,Those two humans don’t seem to care about us,It seems that I still look down on our God Eyes。”
“~”The fifth Allah is silent,But the breath on his body has proved his boundless anger。
“calm,First of all,We must endure first,Exchange the third and sixth back!”The second God speaks。
“After the third and sixth are rescued,Are competing with those two human races,Can’t kill them,At least suppress the seal!”The seventh Allah stroked a spear,Said leisurely。
“Not bad,According to the third brother and the sixth,The human giant axe is only comparable to the big brother,We fight together,No less than the original ancestor of the year,Although he has the Star Palace,But it’s okay to seal him。”The Fourth Allah also praised。
“There are three strongest treasures in the tribe of My God Eye Race,Choose the two most useless items to exchange with Terran!”The First Allah Clapper Road,Everything waits for the two Allahs to change back。
quickly,Fly all the way to the Star Palace,Arrived in the clan of the God Eye Clan。
Seven miniature universes are arranged in a certain pattern。
Five Allahs unite‘meet’。
The giant axe spoke to Li Ming next to Weiwei:“unlimited,It seems that these five Allahs have a very good attitude,Very sincere。”Say so,But the eyes are all joking。
“Now looks more sincere,Explain that the more they intend to start with us after the exchange,Can hold back!”Li Ming replied:“That happens,We first knocked two Xeon treasures,Knock a few more,The background of these god-eye races—All belong to my human race!”
“Great Axe!”The heart of the first Allah is raging,But on the surface it is very kind,“There is some misunderstanding between the third and sixth Allah of my God Eye Race and your human race,I also solved it before。I respect the original ancestor,How could it be detrimental to the human race?。”
“of course,Misunderstanding has appeared,My family apologizes,I want to exchange a piece of the strongest treasure for the two Allahs。”
“One piece?”The great axe frowned:“These are the two strongest,Are they worth a supreme treasure in your eyes??!”
The Third Allah:“。。。。So angry!”