Yu Yu sighed,Zhou Guo is also promoting cotton,However, due to immature planting technology,Cotton closets are not mature,so,At the end,Cotton produced by Zhou Guo,Not only the quality is the country,And the price is much more expensive than smuggling from Qi State.!

This further suppressing the enthusiasm of planting cotton.。
Since you can smuggle from Qi State,So,Why do we have to worry hard?,Said so much effort,Going to the production quality than the other cotton cloth??
The cost of spend is also high!
This is a very hard logic,So as the emperor’s Yu,It is also impossible to force the official person to force cotton planting.。
It is better to buy,Buy it is better to rent,Civil generation of this kind of thought,Only need certain conditions,Not limited to ancient or modern,Not limited to China or foreign。
“His Majesty,Yang Zaifeng,Say there is something to see。”
At this time, Yang Jian came to visit.?
Yu’s heart is slightly sinking,Calmly:“He passed him into the palace,You all have。”
Come so late,Yang Jian must have 100,000 fires.,I have to personally explain myself.。So Yu Yu screen retired Qiang Gu,Yang Jian came。
“It’s so late to enter the palace.,But what is big??”
Yuxi first see Yang Jianjin Yushu,Asked,I am slightly unpleasant。
Anyone is also a telephone number related to official jams after 12 o’clock in the evening.,Have uncomfortable。Don’t say that Yu Yu is still an emperor.。
“His Majesty,Minister went to see Turkic Princess today,I found an awkward thing。After returning home, I think,If you don’t frank with your hurt,I am afraid that he is under the day.,Will be worried。”
Yang Jian doubled a sleeves a big gift,Hurt。
“Say,朕 朕 着。Come over。”
Yu Yu said with a sound color。
Yang Jian,Go around,Lower sound channel:“Minister saw Turkic Princess today,Although it is embarrassed,But look,Listen,This woman must be A Shiza。”
Yu Xian’s Wang Hao,Do not,Ex-wife,But a distinctive woman。That hot body,Long legs with impact and impact,Unforgettable。
Her voice is also not the same as the general woman.,Some luxury and neutralization,Don’t like the Central Plains。
The face of Yu Hao is black.!
Although Yang Jian said uncertain,But Yu Yu knows that Yang Jian is。
this person,Use four words to describe,Then call:Airtight dog!
Enthusiasm,I will only say six or seven points in his mouth.。And Yang Jian will come to see Yu Hao in the late night.,I am afraid that he has fully determined,This female is certainly A Shina Jade is undoubtedly!
No doubt。
This makes Yu Yu feel a shameful humiliation.!
“Thief dare!”
Yu 邕 狠 hammer table case,Almost。
Wooden pole Khan Yi female two marriage,What abacus is playing?,That is also used??As shown in the relationship between him with Qi State,You can get your daughter back to the grassland,Two,It is also for disgusting Zhou Country!Nausea!
Strong Turkic people think that they are the master,Zhou Guo is“Son”,Should be filial“dad”。so“dad”Just throw a bone,You should be Thanksgiving Dade。