Hang up the phone,Wang Youcai went to the tree planting field,Before leaving the gate,Wang Youcai heard the laughter of Tian Wa and which Wang Xiaomei。The two didn’t know what they were talking about,Anyway, I had a good chat。

Spring breeze。Where the spring breeze blows,The snow melts and the ice disappears。Wang Youcai standing on the ridge,Kicked the dirt bump。Unexpectedly, the ground here is completely thawed,It seems that he discovered this problem a bit late。
Hurry back to my office。Tian Wa didn’t know what she was up to,Anyway, the drill hasn’t come out in the kitchen。Wang Youcai couldn’t help getting angry,He yelled twice。Tian Wa ran into Wang Youcai’s office。
Wang Youcai glared at Tian Baby,Asked coldly:“Have you never seen a woman?Don’t you come here to cook??See what excites you”
“Is not,I think Wang Xiaomei’s life background is quite pitiful。Didn’t you stand up for her this morning??”Tian Wa clutching her scalp,A bit incoherent。
Wang Youcai patted the table and shouted:“OK!Depends on your virtue。Do you like this girl??You are not young anymore,It’s time to think about your lifelong events”
“Wang Ge!Can you keep Xiaomei at the base?。She is still a junior high school graduate,Maybe it can help us here”Tian Wa didn’t know which spirit was hit,When I saw this Wang Xiaomei, I moved real。Such a short time,Just said a few words,When he talks about people,Even save the last name。
Wang Youcai smiled and said:“If she can really be your wife,Even if she didn’t study for a day,I will also keep her。It’s just a bit troublesome,You have to be prepared。Which one is called Er Lengzi,But two hundred and five。Unreasonable,And it’s very ruthless”
“Wang Ge!As long as you keep Xiaomei,I will solve it myself。He dare to come here to find Xiaomei,It’s strange that I don’t interrupt his leg”Tian Wa holding a big iron fist,Said very viciously。
Wang Youcai shook his head and said:“After all, most of the people in this world are scared。Really few killed,So you have to outwit。Can’t let Wu Wu bring some people over,Let’s take the initiative tonight,Solved the matter,what do you think?”
When Tian Wa heard that Wang Youcai wanted to help him,This made him jump for joy。
The current Wang Youcai is thoughtful,He is afraid that this is not safe,So Tian Wa called Wang Xiaomei from the kitchen to his office。
“Wang Xiaomei!Can you come here,Fate indeed。So we know that people don’t talk secretly。My brother Tianwa fell in love with you at first sight。Express your opinion here,if you are willing to。I’ll take care of the Er Leng matter”
“I promise I won’t let him trouble you again,I won’t bother with your relatives and friends”Wang Youcai patted his chest and said。
Wang Xiaomei glanced at Tian Wa secretly,She lowered her voice and said:“My life was saved by Boss Wang。So I especially believe what Boss Wang said。You can handle this,I believe in this fate”