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The person on the photo took the fire on the revolutionaries of the South Lake, which has led to the hinterland of the hinterland of the squadrons on both sides of the Weihe River.He is a Zhiban Communist Party, who is sent by Li Dazhao, who is dispatched by Li Dazhao, the head of the Northern Bureau of the Communist Party of China.He established the first rural party branch of the CCP in the original Taicheng Village, a special branch of Taicheng City.

In August 1924, in August 1924, the first CPC local county party committee in Hebei Province-Anping County Committee was also the first to establish.

  In this awakened land, the communist star of the Bowbowatt is spread, ignited the hope of people who oppressed the slavery.

The bright messenger, born in 1886, a book, a book, a book of Baicheng Village, Hebei Province. The father is a patriotic intellectual, and in the early years, he participated in the sports of support for reform. Affected by his father, the bows are concerned from the teenagers, worry about the country and the people, often propaganda to the father and old folks, and the truth of the anti-imperialism anti-feudal and women’s liberation. He took the lead in the countryside.

In 1916, he was admitted to the Beijing Kaoguan University, and it was initially exposed to new ideas. In 1919, he participated in the five or four sports that shocked the 3rd and foreign countries. In April 1923, Li Dazhao was introduced to the Chinese Communist Party and was sent back to the original propagation of Marxism, establishing and developing party organizations by Li Dazhao.

  When I returned to my hometown, I went deep into the masses to understand their requirements and ideas. He realized through investigations that we must start a revolutionary struggle for the masses, first educate people and inspire people.

So he funded the "civilian night school" in Taicheng Village, Anping County, and self-edited the "civilian thousand Chinese" teaching materials, mobilized more than 50 young and middle-aged farmers to live in Night school.

At the same time as the literacy of peasants, I will instill the theory of revolution.

Through a few months of learning, everyone realizes that the root cause of the poor and backwardness is not fate, but the backward social system is the oppression and exploitation of the landlord class. Everyone has a strong desire to turn over. On this basis, the Bow Zhonghao has established the Taicheng Village Farmers Association, using the Agricultural Union to exercise the backbone, strengthen the strength, condense the heart, and safeguard the rights of farmers.

  In August 1923, the Bow Zhonghao introduced the progress of thought, and the peasants who were active and willing to join the Fengzhou, and the Zhaoshan joined the party organization.

After approval of the superior party organization, the first Chinese Communist Party Branch of Hebei Province – Anping County Taicheng Special Branch (referred to as "Taicheng Special Branch") Cheng Mountain is a publicity committee, subject to direct leadership of the Beijing District Committee of the Communist Party of China. As a result, the first rural party branch of the country was born.

  From 1924, between the leadership of the superior party organizations, the Bow Zhonghao and Li Shaotou, the Northern President of Anping County, got connected, after two people cooperated, the Anping County Party activities made a sound. They introduced Li Chunyao, the Beguan, and the increasing party, then absorbed the Yuan Zhixiang of Si Xiang Village, Li He got into the party.

With the increase in the number of party members, they have established two party branches of Northern Pengguan and Sijing Village by the Legislass Party Organization. Li Dazhao’s rapid development of Anping County Party Organization is very pleased. He wrote to encourage the bows to continue its efforts, and instructively establish an Anping County Party Committee to strengthen the leadership of the people of the county. In order to implement Li Dazhao’s instructions, the Taicheng Village, Si Xiangcun and Beiguan, August 1924, selected 9 representatives such as Bang Hao, Zhuang Fengzhou, and convened the first party members of Anping County in Si Xiangcun. On behalf of the General Assembly, establishing the first county party organization in Hebei Province, Hebei Province – the Communist Party of China. The party’s organ is located in the Bowbai family, change the special branch of the Taiwan City to the Taicheng Branch.

The meeting established the future task of work. It is to develop the party organization, strengthen the revolutionary power, inspunting the masses, and lead the masses to carry out anti-emperor anti-seating struggles. During his behalf, the Bow is actively promoting and organizes the masses in the revolutionary struggle against the anti-imperialist anti-feudal.

In the white horror, some betrayed the revolution, some were pulp with the right molecules, and most of the party members attached to the belief, with the Kuomintang reactionary and the Japanese imperialism, the unyielding struggle for the unyielding struggle, giving themselves for the party’s business. everything of.

  In 1925, in order to cover the party’s organs, the Bow Zhonghao opened a "Lenin Primary School" in the Xixiang Fang of his home court, and said "Taicheng Private Women’s Primary School", so that the Palace of Baoding Local Committee Zhang Hertng is covered by faculty members. , Carry out the work of the party. After the establishment of schools, school and accommodation, students and several regularly, the county party committee office funds are from the thousands of yuan that he has sold land. In order to cultivate the reserve for revolutionary reserve, he often goes to "Lenin Primary School" to teach the revolutionary truth, sings revolutionary songs, etc., so that students have become a few months, and their ideas are generally improved, of which 6 are developed into common Youth members.

  In order to solve the problem of poor party members, the Bow Zhonghao raised funds to start a towel factory at home. This factory has also become a place where many revolutionaries often contact the four-sided eight parties to study the party’s work. Every cost is burdered by the boy. By 1934, his family has a few left. Anping, the party group in Rao Yang has been continuously developed under his material support, and under the influence of Anping County, the other counties of Hengshui have also established the party organization.

Party organizations at all levels played a fighting fortress in the anti-Japanese war period, making the land of the balance into a strong revolutionary base. Some party members in Beijing, Tianjin, also returned to their hometown to actively carry out revolutionary propaganda, and develop party members. The big daughter of the Bowbowang, in 1925, in 1925, the buddy’s influence is in 1925, and he served as a member of the Taicheng Female Branch Committee. In 1928, she participated in the "three eight" parade in Beijing. I was seriously injured. The revolution showed young life. The bows are loyal to the party, and the party’s career is brave enough to contribute to the revolutionary cause.

He often said that as a communist, he must be able to give up a business, and have a life. He has changed the field to solve the school and office funds, and the market is difficult to sell the family’s life difficulties. Under his influence, the whole family embarked on the revolutionary road, and some even dedicated to the revolution.