Anqing promotes the high-quality development of farming in the farmland

  Anqing City promotes the long system of cultivated land protection, and helps agriculture high quality development.

  Be first to advance. The "Implementation Plan" "Implementation Plan" in the promotion of cultivated land protection, established the city’s county rural four-level Tianzhi-system responsibility system, and implemented the fields of strict domestic land space planning and control, resolutely curb the "non-agriculturalization of cultivated land" and strictly control the cultivated land " "Food and Chemical", implement high standard farmland construction, promote the quality of cultivated land, establish 8 main tasks such as digital grid supervision system, strict cultivated land protection supervision, forming "horizontally, vertical to bottom, gridization, full coverage" The cultivated land protection supervision pattern is realized "Fair, responsible to the ground".

  Synchronous advancement.

Improve the comprehensive cultivated land protection assessment mechanism, incorporate the "Tian Chang system" into the city’s right performance assessment.

As of now, 7 counties (cities, districts) and 2 development zones are currently launched. Collaborative advancement. Accelerate the promotion of cultivated land work, and implement "dry improvement water" and improve the improvement project.

Using cultivated land, the law enforcement examination, etc. Investigate and deal with all kinds of illegal occupation of cultivated land construction behavior.